The gentle exfoliation deeply cleanses, dissolves dead skin cells and thus contributes to improving the appearance of the skin. Your complexion appears even and smooth.

- Gentle exfoliation with natural abrasive substances
- Carefully removes the dead skin cells of the epidermis
- small blemishes are loosened and can be easily and painlessly removed
- stimulates the blood and lymph circulation of the skin

active ingredients:
Chamomile extract
Lime blossom extract

Spread some exfoliation on the moist, cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté in a circular motion.
Finally, rinse the scrub thoroughly with lukewarm water again.

For normal skin you should use BIOMARIS sea salt peeling once a week.
With oily skin and combination skin an application up to twice weekly is meaningful.
For mature and sensitive skin, ideally apply the exfoliant once a month.

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