White Whitening Whitening Toothpaste removes discoloration with activated charcoal without sanding or whitening - while boosting oral health.

Extra mild taste.
Including Black Is White Edition of the toothbrush CS 5460 ultra soft.

Black? Yes, because most whitening pastes contain chemical bleach. Or have emery particles in it: ciao enamel. The toothpaste "Black Is White", on the other hand, contains activated charcoal. So she is black, really black, and above all, she does not stain the enamel. Rather, the activated charcoal sucks up exactly the particles that lead to discoloration, especially tea, coffee, nicotine, red wine. Is the Black Is White "enamel-friendly"? Let's put it this way: if she could, she would go cuddle with the enamel.

Included is everything you would expect from a Curaprox toothpaste: double caries protection by sodium fluoride and the enzymatic system. Hydroxyapatite. RDA about 50. Without SLS. Without triclosan. Without bleach.

Made in Switzerland.

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