Set for mature or prematurely aged skin.

The set contains:

Skin Resurfacing Cleanser (30 ml)
Antioxidant HydraMist (30 ml)
MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque (15 ml)
Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 (10 ml)
MultiVitamin Power Firm (5 ml)
MAP-15 Regenerator® (0.5 g)
Renewal Lip Complex (Sample)

Skin type: For mature or prematurely aged skin.


Skin Resurfacing Cleanser:
Lactic acid smoothes the skin and hydrates the skin in this step. The cell renewal is stimulated.

Antioxidant HydraMist:
Pea extracts provide for an immediate streamlining effect. White tea, licorice and beta-glucan protect against aging.

MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque:
Vitamin A, C, E, F and panthenol help to repair and regenerate damaged skin.

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30:
Contains the oleosome technology (natural emulsifier, which is also a light protection transport system) and therefore less irritating, sweetener extract has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

MultiVitamin Power Firm:
The specially stabilized combination of vitamins A, C and E on an anhydrous basis supports the natural regeneration process of the skin, improving its elasticity and suppleness.

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