Set for normal / oily skin

The set contains:

PreCleanse (Sample)
Special Cleansing Gel 50ml
Skin Prep Scrub 22ml
Skin Refining Masque (Sample)
Multi-Active Toner 50ml
Active Moist 22ml
Total Eye Care SPF15 4ml

Skin Type: For normal to oily skin.


Special Cleansing Gel:
All contaminants are removed without attacking or drying out the skin.

Active Moist:
It will donate an oil-free moisture. Silk amino acids improve the skin texture and smooth it out.

Multi-Active Toner:
Moisturises your skin and smoothes the skin surface. Pores are balanced.

Total Eye Care SPF15:
Lactic acid smoothes and restructures the skin in the eye area, while sodium PCA binds moisture.

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