Immediate effect on blemishes and acne with a local application.
Antibacterial effect with Marine Care Complex from sea silt extract, green algae extract and sea salt.

Skin Type: Oily skin, prone to impurities.


The pimple gel regulates sebum production, reducing pimples and blackheads overnight.

Reddened skin is soothed and the appearance of the skin visibly improved.


Aimed, thinly apply to the pimple, let it dry overnight and then peel off.


  • Sea Silt Extract - The unique Sea Silt Extract hydrates your skin for a long-lasting period of time and strengthens your skin barrier. Your skin is supplied with valuable minerals and trace elements.
  • Algae Extract from Enteromorpha Compressa - has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect
  • Sea salt contains minerals like iodine, bromine and magnesium
  • Hydrolyzed Algin & Zinc Sulfate, as well as Bukuchiol - antibacterial effect, which improves the skin affected by pimples and soothes the skin

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