Hemp has been making a comeback in recent years. Rightly so, because cold-pressed hemp seed oil in organic quality is pure care for healthy, tender and supple skin.
The starting plant for our hemp seed oil is a commercial hemp variety approved in the EU. Hemp seed oil is made exclusively from the seeds of the cannabis plant that do not contain cannabinoids. The THC content is checked analytically and is below the guideline value of the BgVV.

The high-quality hemp seed oil is obtained by carefully harvesting and pressing the hemp seeds. The seeds are enclosed in a firm fruit skin, which protects the ingredients from environmental influences such as oxygen and sunlight. To extract the oil, the seeds are pressed until the oil emerges. The cold pressing guarantees that the quality of the valuable ingredients is maintained.

Hemp seed oil is the insider tip for beautiful, radiant skin. So it is used for the care of irritated skin, such as occurs in neurodermatitis or psoriasis, and it also cares for scars. The decisive factor for this intensive care is the optimal ratio of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid 3: 1. In addition, the greenish oil contains chlorophyll, which is also responsible for the color of the oil. Furthermore, the essential gamma-linolenic acid and the omega-3 fatty acid stearidonic acid are indispensable for the metabolism and as a team are highly effective in certain processes


As a green-nutty smelling oil, it is often mixed with other more fragrance-neutral care oils such as B. almond oil. Since the hemp seed oil is absorbed very quickly, it is particularly suitable in combination with argan oil for the care of flaky, dry and mature skin or for the care of rough elbows.


Massage into damp skin.


Declaration according to INCI: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil * org, Tocopherol dissolved in Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil * org
* org = controlled organic cultivation / certified organic cultivation

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