Primavera I wish you nice dreams


A dreamy gift set with the sleeping comfort pillow spray bio for fragrant dreams and a midnight blue sleeping mask made of organic cotton. Gently sink into soft pillows, leave everyday stress behind and breathe the feeling of security. The cuddly fragrance composition of essential oils from lavender, neroli and vanilla promotes sleep and a deep, restful sleep. The beautiful dreams gift set is a magical way to give your favorite people beautiful dreams and relaxing moments.

Tip: spray the pillow spray on the outside of the sleep mask and relax into comfortable dreams.


The set helps to relax. The scent is herbaceous, sweet, warm.


Put a few sprays on the bedding before going to bed.


Sleep well pillow spray organic
Alcohol * organic, water, lavender fine * organic, vanilla extract * organic, neroli and others

* bio / * org = controlled organic cultivation / certified organic cultivation
** natural ingredients 100% natural essential oils / from 100% natural essential oils

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