Primavera I wish you luck


The enchanting gift set inspires with a noble fragrance bracelet and four differently colored, individually scented felt rings. Ideal to carry the personal happiness scent close to you. The set contains the popular fragrance mixture happiness sharing with tangerine, rose and sandalwood. Makes us happy and puts a smile on our faces.

The fragrance bracelet was developed and manufactured exclusively for PRIMAVERA in Allgäu (Germany). The designer and artist Anja Seifert developed the design based on the symbol of the flower of life.

The silver-colored fragrance bracelet consists of nickel-free white bronze and a waxed light gray cotton ribbon. The included felt rings made of sheep's wool for scented are available in 4 different trend colors.


The scent is exhilarating and has a floral, citrus-like and fresh fragrance profile


How to scent your fragrance bracelet
Open the magnetically locked medallion on the finger notch.
Adjust the length of the bracelet to suit you using the knots in the cotton ribbon.
Put 2 - 3 drops of essential oil on the felt ring in the medallion.
Put the bracelet around your wrist.
Close the medallion by placing the eyelet and notch exactly on top of each other.
Tip: Use different colored felt inserts for different essential oils and fragrance mixtures.


Natural pure fragrance mix share happiness, 5 ml
Fragrance bracelet with magnetic medallion made of nickel-free white bronze and waxed cotton ribbon
Four felt rings made of virgin wool as fragrance carriers in current trend colors

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