Swiss Smile Diamond Glow toothbrushes 2-pack

Ultra soft toothbrushes

glow bright like a diamond - with elegant Swarovski crystals as an expression of your own personality. The exclusive Swiss dental cosmetics brand swiss smile combines luxury, aesthetics and timeless design. Now, after the classic nuance nude, a brilliant fashion trend is once again launched: the diamond glow toothbrushes in elegant design and the glamorous colors rose quartz and serenity ice blue have been refined with chic Swarovski crystals. The unique swiss smile ultra soft toothbrushes, which are up to 9 times more dense and finer bristles than standard toothbrushes, ensure a radiant smile. The gently rounded CUREN® filaments remain dimensionally stable and not only excellently reach the indentations around the interdental space and the gingival margin, they also protect the teeth at the same time and gently stimulate the gums.


Put a hazelnut-sized piece of toothpaste on the toothbrush and hold it like a pencil. At a 45 ° angle, place your thumb on the sloping surfaces of the octagonal handle. Completely without pressure with small circular movements - half on the gum and half on the tooth - carefully clean all tooth surfaces.

Contains: 1 rose quartz & 1 serenity ice blue toothbrush

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