Ready for a good night's sleep: the swiss smile soft toothbrush supports the natural regeneration process of the mouth and teeth thanks to its ultra-soft filaments made of patented CUREN®. The tooth surfaces are gently cleaned, the densely-packed bristles effortlessly get into the recesses around the interdental space and the gingival margin, and carefully stimulate and vitalize the gums. Never has tooth beauty been so harmonious.


Ergonomically shaped and set with over 4,000 ultra-soft filaments, the swiss smile soft toothbrush is ideal for stimulating gum tissue. Thus, the uptake of the high-quality care substances from the swiss smile Vitalizing herbal toothpaste is improved by the gums. At the same time, the flat, straight brush cut and the carefully rounded filaments ensure gentle yet efficient cleaning performance.


For the swiss smile soft toothbrush bristles, so-called filaments made of rounded CUREN® are used. This material absorbs significantly less water than nylon, as it is used for many household toothbrushes. CUREN® remains stable even when wet and can therefore be used in much finer thickness than usual for toothbrush stocking. The swiss smile soft toothbrush was developed jointly by the Swiss oral hygiene specialist CURADEN International and the Dental Institute of the University of Bern.


The brush head and handle of the swiss smile soft toothbrush were manufactured according to both ergonomic and aesthetic criteria. It is intended for everyday use in the evening. Gently stimulating the gums, efficiently cleaning the teeth, it is recommended even for sensitive teeth, exposed tooth necks and gum irritations. Especially with severe or chronic gum problems, the soft toothbrush can be used in the morning as in the evening.
A correct brushing technique is important. Each product pack is accompanied by an application recommendation. The dental professionals at swiss smile clinics are also happy to inform you about the correct use.

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